Maintenance Services

The equipment of our company Car Wash Technology fulfils three basic criteria

Despite these advantages, our products, just like any other machine used in a car wash, require professional and regular maintenance services.

Efficient maintenance services guarantee the satisfaction of customers and… PURE profits.

Reliable servicing is the key element of a successful service company. The flawless operation of the machines without any breakdowns is essential to our customers. Any downtimes result in financial losses.

In the face of the growing competition in the car wash business, it is the customer satisfaction that the owners of car washes strive for. 

The equipment used by the car wash users is becoming more and more modern and technologically complex. Hence, it requires professional maintenance services.

We offer all our customers professional warranty and post-warranty support including regular overhauls, repairs, sales of spare parts and consumables, as well as telephone consultation.

Highly qualified service technicians, a state-of- the-art fleet of service and installation vehicles equipped with original parts, and professional tools guarantee the highest level of our services.

Taking advantage of the long car wash system servicing experience, the Car Wash Technology has developed its own complex computer-aided servicing system.

The smooth operation of the system is ensured by a division responsible for the nationwide coordination of maintenance services and for the flow of spare parts. The servicing coordination division ensures high quality of services, rapid response time and effective information management.

We provide warranty and post-warranty support. We also assist the owners of other producers’ car washes in solving problems beyond the warranty period.

We provide our maintenance services abroad as well.

Servicing procedure

  • The customer reports a breakdown/defect (telephone, text message, fax, email, contact form).
  • The coordinator enters the order into the system.
  • The coordinator passes on the order to a service technician located nearest to the breakdown (text message).
  • The service technician contacts the customer in order to discuss the details of the breakdown and set the visit date (telephone).
  • The service technician repairs the defect.
  • The service technician confirms the repair to the coordinator (text message).
  • The coordinator marks the order as fulfilled.
  • The payment for the maintenance service is calculated.

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