We are the only official partner of CW CONSULTING CarWash System in Poland.

We are the only official representative and partner of CW CONSULTING in Poland. The company is a member of the Nilfisk GmbH-ALTO Group, CarWash System Division (ALTO Deutschland GmbH, CarWash Division). In the Group, it operates under the Wap brand, which is still well-known today.

We offer consulting services as well as selling, building, controlling and maintaining products manufactured by the CarWash System Division. Our CarWash offer includes a variety of car wash equipment: from high-pressure cleaners and different types of vacuum cleaners through stationary self-service and rollover car washes to complex special car wash systems.

Due to our considerable experience in the car wash business and our innovative products, our customers regard us as a company constantly improving its standards and the quality of its services. 

The cooperation with CW CONSULTING enables us to offer products and machines of the Tammermatic Group: a global high-technology company that manufactures washing machines for cars, heavy transport vehicles, buses, rail fleets and a variety of special equipment. With decades of experience, we are able to guarantee optimal results for each and every project.

Tammermatic Group was established through the merger of INTERCLEAN Equipment, Inc. and Tammermatic Oy in 2008. Tammermatic was founded in Tampere, Finland, in 1966 and is known as one of the leading and most innovative car wash pioneers in the world.

INTERCLEAN Equipment had been manufacturing its products in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA since 1984, becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of heavy duty and special car wash equipment. Tammermatic and INTERCLEAN have a global team of wash experts. As a result, the Tammermatic Group offers its customers the best and most comprehensive wash services in the world.

Car wash services account for a significant part of the business activities of fuel and service stations as well as store chains. In some business branches, they are even the most important source of revenue. 

The automotive industry is one of the best developing markets in the world. The automotive branch is a highly dynamic industry sector; therefore, it needs innovative solutions, such as those included in our offer. Fast and reliable car wash machines can significantly increase washing capacity during the high season. Excellent wash results and a pleasant washing experience increase customer satisfaction and help persuade the customer to revisit the car wash. 

We guarantee technical prowess and reliable partnership.

The machines covered in our offer have been built for over fifty years. They are created with experience gained over the decades of designing and manufacturing washing machines for cars and heavy transport vehicles as well as special and heavy duty washing systems. We offer our customers technical innovations and reliable partnership in the car wash business.

We always strive to get to know the needs of our customers and do our very best to work with them to find the best individual solutions. We always aim to help our customers achieve better results with car washing.


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