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The following description comprises all of the steps required to build an environmentally friendly touchless Car Wash Technology car wash. What does the process look like? It’s very easy!

The first step is to find the location: obtain a zoning approval and a building permit, build and, finally, start a car wash.

While looking for an appropriate location for your self-service touchless car wash, you should make sure it fulfils two basic criteria:

  • It should be an attractive location, i.e., it should be located in the vicinity of a big agglomeration, such as a city centre, housing estate or town with preferably more than 2.000 citizens. The site should also be situated near the main roads, crossroads or roundabouts. It is also advisable to ensure that your car wash is located next to some spots increasing the attractiveness of your car wash, e.g. fuel and gas stations, shopping centres, some bigger shops or even vehicle inspection stations. What is also essential is the visibility of your car wash as well as easy access and the possibility to drive in from both left and right side.
  • The land area should be appropriate. It should be big enough to place there a car wash with a convenient drive-through possibility. The table presented below contains an overview of the minimal sizes of the land on which a car wash can be built, obviously depending on the number of bays and vacuum cleaners.


2 bays, modular – 60 m2 – 270 m2

3 bays, modular – 90 m2 – 360 m2

4 bays, modular – 120 m2 – 450 m2

4 bays, container – 138 m2 – 540 m2

5 bays, container – 168 m2 – 630 m2

6 bays, container – 198 m2 – 720 m2

7 bays, container – 228 m2 – 810 m2

8 bays, container – 258 m2 - 900 m2

etc. ... up to 12 bays in a technical container

In order to enhance the attractiveness of the washing bays, there is a possibility to place vacuum cleaners there. Assuming that one washing bay dedicated to interior cleaning requires around 20 square metres, you should add 20 square metres plus the area of the drives for each such station.

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